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The Vital ReLeaf

Long time friends Cindi Ellis and Anita Knittel got their start in the hemp business by looking for a solution to help family members suffering from medical conditions that severely affected their quality of life. Family members with seizures and mobility issues were struggling to get through the day.

This sparked a search to find a safe alternative to give them relief. They tried hemp extract products with CBD and saw immediate results. Cindi and Anita knew that this could be an opportunity to not only help their families but to help others. With this new excited motivation they began their hemp journey.

Spending the next year searching out many possible resources, their quest took them across Colorado.

Soon after they were learning everything about growing hemp to CO2 lab extraction. It was important for them that the product was being grown and produced using USDA organic and ethical practices.

  • 2014 Started researching cannabis/hemp and the Endocannabinoid System
  • 2015 Testing products
  • 2017 Vital ReLeaf was established, offering organic hemp extract/CBD and hemp education
  • 2018 Began offering white label, dropship and wholesale programs
  • 2019 Partnered with a Colorado vertical farm
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The Farm

Our partner has obtained many certificates and registrations; FDA Registered Facility, Certified USDA Organic raw hemp, Certified Organic Extraction, ISO Certified 9001 (17025 and 22000 coming soon) They are 100% vertically integrated, having control over every aspect of their hemp and CBD supply chain. The farm to formulation approach allows reduction in costs and streamlining processes to ensure product quality and consistency. All aspects from growing to the final product is lab tested numerous times to ensure purity and potency.

Trusted Source for

Hemp Extract Products

Cindi and Anita are excited about the future of the hemp industry and all that it has to offer in the form of medicine, building materials, clothing, disposal goods - every aspect of our daily lives. They are happy to be a part of this growing industry by educating and providing quality hemp extract products that promote wellness.